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Initial Validation Audit

Under the Affordable Care Act, qualified health plans must undergo Commercial Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) to comply with regulatory requirements. As part of this program, the plan must first complete an Initial Validation Audit (IVA), which requires the engagement of a reputable RADV IVA entity such as MetaStar. The accuracy of the IVA entity is crucial as it directly affects the recuperation of risk adjustment funds from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

MetaStar is a trusted organization with extensive experience in conducting RADV IVAs since the program’s inception. We have a proven track record of meeting all CMS timelines and deliverables. Our team of experienced auditors is committed to guiding commercial risk-adjusted health plans through a seamless and successful RADV IVA process.

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Manny Martin

Vice President of Commercial Services

We used a different vendor in the previous year for our IVA needs and the transition to MetaStar was seamless. I like the product they use, the interface is easy to navigate and access. Looking forward to working with MetaStar again for our IVA needs.

Initial Validation Audit Customer