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MetaStar, Inc

Our Values

Our beliefs and values guide our internal and external conduct creating a purposeful and positive work environment to effect positive change in health and healthcare. 

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We believe in a diverse workforce in which every person’s inherent worth and dignity are recognized, and their talents, beliefs, and identities are honored. 
  • Positive Interpersonal Relationships. We build and sustain workplace relationships characterized by high levels of trust, inclusiveness, openness, and respect. 
  • Promoting Improvement. We encourage ways of thinking that will make us more effective and remove barriers that keep people from doing their best work. 
  • Effective Interaction. We are more effective in our work both as individuals and in teams.  
  • Ethical Behavior. We conduct business with integrity and ethics. We are fair, honest, trustworthy, open, and respectful in all business interactions.  
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