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Medicare Part C & D Data Validation

Performance Measurement

Organizations contracted to offer Medicare Part C and Part D benefits are required to undergo annual data validation, involving the reporting of data to CMS on a range of reporting sections. Since the inception of the Medicare Part C and Part D program, MetaStar has been a trusted provider of Data Validation (DV) services. Our extensive client base ranges from small, local plans to large, national payors, demonstrating our ability to cater to a diverse array of organizations.

Our team of seasoned auditors brings decades of experience in Medicare DV. With a focus on seamless communication and a structured timeline, we ensure that all deadlines set by The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are met. At MetaStar, exceeding CMS audit requirements is the norm, reflecting our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services to our clients.

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Manny Martin

Vice President of Commercial Services

Our validator was very helpful, quick to respond, and provided great information.

Data Validation Customer