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MetaStar Celebrates 50 Years of Leading Healthcare Quality Improvement

Jul 17, 2023

Madison, Wis. – In July 2023, MetaStar, a leader in healthcare quality improvement, celebrates 50 years of promoting optimal health for all. MetaStar partners with government agencies, health plans, healthcare professionals, and communities to guide change in three key areas: healthcare quality consulting, external quality review, and performance measurement. For five decades, the organization has worked to effect positive change in health and healthcare and empower healthcare professionals, community organizations, and healthcare payers to make lasting improvements with a vision of optimal health for all. As part of the celebration, MetaStar has unveiled a new logo and website.

MetaStar, originally known as the Wisconsin Professional Peer Review Organization or WisPRO, was established following the US Congress legislation to review the necessity, appropriateness, and quality of medical care provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

In the 1990s, the team identified the opportunity to offer collaborative, technical assistance to health care organizations. The organization rebranded as MetaStar, meaning to “guide change.” Today, MetaStar’s scope has expanded to include quality assurance, quality improvement, community convening, and performance measurement.

MetaStar is led by Jesi Wang, MBA, who was named CEO in 2017. “I’m proud to celebrate 50 years of excellence, collaboration, and dedication to our mission. We have forged a strong legacy of leading health care quality improvement, and I look forward to the next fifty years of furthering our vision of optimal health for all.”

Today MetaStar partners with numerous hospitals, nursing homes, and communities on a variety of healthcare transformation, education, and performance management programs. Key areas of impact include:

  • Advancing quality across the continuum of care to address topics such as substance use disorder, chronic conditions, and long-term care needs.
  • Improving quality and compliance for Medicaid programs.
  • Supporting HEDIS®, Initial Validation Audit (IVA), and other performance measurement programs to ensure accuracy of the data being reported.

Learn how we can help you attain your quality improvement goals.