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Taking an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading – Outpatient Adults


Taking an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading – Outpatient Adults

To provide an overview of proper blood pressure (BP) measurement technique for ambulatory patients using evidence-based research. As guidelines may change over time, this module does not address diagnosis or treatment of hypertension or other conditions. Ideally, this module is used as part of a course that includes a skills-based competency check with an experienced trainer. It also serves as a valuable refresher course training for already experienced professionals.

Intended Audience
Healthcare professionals who take BP measurements for adult (18 years and older) patients in an ambulatory or community based setting

The content of this 35 minute module is divided into five sections, with a sixth section devoted to test questions. Students may choose to view sections of the module as time permits — it is not necessary to complete the module in one sitting.


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Audio narration begins on slide 1.6 (High Blood Pressure is a National Problem). The closed captioning button is only enabled on those slides where audio exists.

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For questions or comments on this module, please contact Mona Mathews at or (800) 362-2320.